Sunday, August 23, 2009

pirate halloween party

with halloween just around the corner..i thought i would post a few halloween party entries (i'll try to get them all up this week) from halloween parties we (my sister, melissa, and i) have done in previous years.  halloween has always been one of our favorite we loved going all out for the parties.  we would plan months and months in advance.  ahh..the good ol days!  here is a pirate party we did back in 2005. (i would post 2 other big halloween parties we did in 2003 and 2004, but that was before i started using a digital camera..and i am not about to scan all of those pics in! haha!  i wish i could share those too though, especially the year where we actually constructed a black haunted house style tent).

we started theming the parties this year...and we thought pirates would be fun!  we decided to call our cove rum island. ;)  the pictures are in no particular order..
we constructed this sign that welcomed guests...
and carved all of these pumpkins...b'ware o the pirates!  that would be pirate talk..haha!
we decided we would construct a pirate ship with bender board around our spa.  kind of a big project, but well worth the effect!

we were thinking pirates of the carribean style (the ride at disneyland) with this scene...sand, jewels, and a skeleton
we rented a big, drinks, seating and decor all around
the captain and his wench ;)
in honor of the captain..haha!

under construction
melissa, emily and me :)
taking charge of the ship! ;)
a few of the necessary goodies ;)

we had two firepits...this one..and then a permanent one on the patio

guests entered through the "bat cave" and they were welcomed by the talking pirate head..just like the ride before you drop ;) at the time of the party, it was completely dark, with a fog machine, and dropping bats.
skeletons and skulls all around
captain's quarters


the other firepit
entrance inside the tent

we had candles everywhere!  tealights in jars around the boat as shown here..and all along the top of the fence around the entire backyard.  candle lighting always makes for a great effect.  so simple too. and then of course we had tiki torches everywhere as well
our motto has always been it's all about the ambiance of a party.  and this party was a blast!  well i hope you enjoyed your tour around rum island.  aye matey!  or should i say aarrrrrrrrrrr! ;)


DeBran said...

Oh how I love the stories from this party!

sarah said...

I LOVE IT that looked like fun!!!!