Monday, March 25, 2013

spring favorite things party

favorite things party.
seriously one of my new favorite parties to throw.
i did a summer favorite things party last year and just loved it. a friend of mine did a fall one and somehow we just got busy and skipped winter..and here we are now at spring. 
i love and appreciate each season for the unique things they all bring.
i love how spring just feels fresh, new and cheery and it was time to celebrate!;)
 it's always a good reason to get the girls together to chat, eat, laugh and relax.

here are a few pics from the day along with a few of my favorites!
naturally pinwheels in the yard to greet guests are a spring necessity!;)
 as well as cheery flowers!

 so much of spring to me is Easter and celebrating Jesus.
this basket held the eggs of a trivia game we played. the basket was passed around where an egg was picked..each egg contained a spring/Easter related question inside. whoever answered the most questions correctly, won! we all learned a bunch a fun facts by the end;) 

since this is the center of the party, i always like to come up with something that stands out. i came up with these hoops and had a lot of fun making them.. i wrapped the hoops in yarn or fabric, painted and glittered wood letters and then attached them to the hoop. i hung the hoops with different ribbons and then tied all the hoops together so the wouldn't turn around with the wind, etc.
and then hung a chalkboard banner. my daughter helped decorate it too;)

 i also made a yarn felt ball garland and pom pom garland. two of my favorites right now:)

 i found this print by pen and paint on etsy and just loved it.
my prize selections were inspired by it.
two of my favorites, crafting and anything girly to feel pretty.
the first bucket contained some of my favorite craft supplies to use lately..
yarn, glitter, washi tape, yarn felt balls and an embroidery hoop.
the other bucket was some pretty spring necessities...foot scrubber for the shower to keep feet pretty now that it's sandal season, pink glitter nailpolish by essie, a flower hair accessory and both contained one of my favorite Easter candies!;)
one prize went to the winner of the game and the other prize went to the the person who brought the favorite favorite thing (after everyone voted).
 i made a few bunnies in a jar to put around.

 more favorites...
 my all time favorite candy! and easter necessity!
 fun, cheery printable that i added to a frame i made.
 i printed out a spring bucket list on cardstock for each girl to take home.
 i also found these produce bags to use for a trip to the farmers market (another spring favorite thing to do) along with numerous other uses. they used the bags to put all of their goodies in from the night.
 love twine and the so many uses! each girl also took one of these home.

love mason jar lids!!
 it's alway more fun to drink out of a pretty glass;)

 the basket that contained all of the names of the girls to pick from later that night.
 my favorite thing was this mascara. if you don't use it, go ahead and get yourself some. you will thank me later. each girl texted me a couple of days later saying how much they loved this!!

 before the food.

 lemonade, punch and tea for drinks.
i made this peanut butter chocolate dessert recipe. you can find the recipe here. it was so delightful and everyone was saying how much they loved it. the spring oreos make it look a little weird haha. but, don't let that part fool you. make's yummy!!

 sorry for the yellowish pics..and the grainy phone pics..
it's obviously night time at this point...
my friend maria made the adorable spring cupcakes and peep skewers:)

 we all had our fill of appetizers and treats:)

the girls:)
 our favorites!

we all had so much fun talking about the items we brought and picking names and then leaving with 5 new things! definitely a fun girls night! and a great way to start off the spring season!
happy spring!:)