Monday, June 11, 2012

mickey and minnie beach birthday party

this year for owen's birthday we decided to combine the party with his cousin, kylee. they are only a day apart and so cute together.  they both love mickey and minnie, so julie and i decided to add on a water theme to create a little beach party. we also kept it small with just was perfect for them!:) they both had a great day!

the big 2!!
i created a little banner for them..and paired it with some mickey heads and a number 2..all made out of scrapbook paper.
 i had taken pictures of them the weekend before and displayed them around the party.

ella made the sign to welcome guests;)
 decorations were hung around the house

 i attempted cookie mickey pops..didn't turn out quite as good as the last ones i made haha!

 to create this centerpiece i just cut out cardboard mickey heads, painted them, glued them to dowels and attached their pictures and ribbon. then i put them in polka dot flower pots. super easy;)

 big bucket of fun summer toys for the kiddos. squirt guns, bubbles, frisbees, chalk, etc.
 ella was a good helper in prepping. she made a couple of different pictures/signs.
here was one of them she wanted to hang above the drinks;) too cute!

 maria made the cute cakes of course!!:)

 she also made these cute cupcakes!!
 these are always a hit with the kids!
 julie made these yummy mickey brownies!
 our "beach" ;) we had a water slide and jumpy. and then put out a couple of umbrellas and all the kids laid out their towels later on.
 owen had fun blowing his ice cream cone bubbles;)
and kylee loved driving around her minnie;)

 we decided to bbq hamburgers and hot dogs..along with all the fixins.
julie even cut out cute mickey heads for all the kids' hamburgers! 

 after lunch was water balloon fun!

 water balloon toss...
 followed by a water balloon and squirt gun fight:)
 owen was trying to squirt me;)
 later on the kids got to attack this big ol pinata!
 followed by cake...
happy birthday owen and kylee!!
then presents!
and can't forget the goody bags on the way out!;)
such a fun day celebrating these 2 turning 2;)