Wednesday, August 30, 2017

back to school.

I have loved sticking with the little tradition I started a while back, of having a little something for the kids to come home to their first day back to school. A place that celebrates an early morning, getting through the first day and all the nerves that can bring, and back to the routine. Just creating a place they can sit around and talk about their day over a little snack and treat. I hope they will always remember their first days as special ones.

Saturday, August 12, 2017

ella's campout.

we were originally going to try and go camping for ella's birthday this year, but, the campsite we wanted was already sold out. so, ella suggested we do a campout in our backyard instead. this was already something that was on our bucket list, and i loved the idea, so we went for it! i kinda thought it would get me out of hosting a party, but ended up being way more work! haha! totally worth it though. i loved that it got us outside the whole time. we played games (scavenger hunt, dance freeze, flashlight hide n seek, corn hole, etc), swimming, football, relaxed. i loved that it actually felt like a little campground. i loved the adventure of sleeping in a tent. i loved waking up to my own friends and sitting on the patio sipping coffee and chatting. i loved watching the angel game on the screen outside and movies later on. i loved that the one night we planned it for turned into the whole weekend. we didn't want it to end. i could go on and on. it was truly the perfect summer theme. and i know without a doubt it will become a new summer tradition. this time we will tell anyone who wants to join just byot..bring your own tent. more the merrier.:) happy, happy 11 our ella!! xo

i created this sign out of leaves from our backyard.

ella painted this cute picture.

we attempted to make bird seed feeders as favors..but, they didn't quite turn out so well. so flashlights on lanyards it was. and this worked out perfect in the dark. each kid had their own flashlight around their neck.

we had a waffle bar the next morning..along with all the sides.