Saturday, July 23, 2011

ella and kaelyn's hello kitty birthday party

ella and her bff, kaelyn, both have birthdays in july.  so, when debran and i were discussing ideas for their 5th birthday..we decided to just combine them!  we also decided to just make it a smaller party with their closest girlfriends and their moms, along with the girls' grandmas and aunts.  
we let the girls decide pretty much everything.
the theme..hello kitty.
the, red and blue.
the food..breakfast!
the bobbing (ella) and musical chairs (kaelyn) and both had to have a pinata. ;)
where ever they could help out..we let them.
and we had so much fun planning with them.  i love that it truly was their party..and we could help. ;)

the cute invitations by melissa.
and ella helped me address all of them ;)

party day.
the entrance.
ella wrote the sign. ;)
 my sister, melissa, just had a contest in which she gave away a yarn wreath similar to one like this.  i fell in love with it..and had her give me an over the phone tutorial. haha.  i love them..but, let me warn you..they are time consuming! haha! ;)

 the paintings were done by the girls during their birthday photo session (you can see the pics herehere, and here).  sarah and i both took pics. :)  it was a lot of fun shooting together!

 the favors.

hello kitty pez, game, notebook, pencil, lipgloss and bracelet.
 i made a few buntings...
 and a banner...
 and a window chalkboard! :)  love how this one turned out.  so simple too.  everyone knows how much i love chalkboards..and i am having so much fun with colored chalkboard paint!!

 ella's daddy surprised her with birthday flowers. ;)

 i made a rag wreath ...
it's amazing how far a couple yards of fabric will go ;) (as you can see throughout the decor)

hello kitty peeking in ;)

 the party was held outside on the patio...
 this table was set up for painting..
i created a different frame for each girl...
 ella and kaelyn's were the same of course ;)

 the girls love to craft and paint together.
so, naturally this had to be incorporated into their party.

 the treat station ;)

 the girls chose to have a picnic style instead of eating at a table.

 the lemonade stand.
which pretty much was the entertainment in itself. haha.
 we had the girls color pages to hang.

 our friends daughter, averie, was so nice to do the face painting for a reasonable price ;)
the girls loved having her do it.

 debran made the adorable tulle wreath!

 maria made the adorable cake pops from the bakerella website.
 our friend, janet, offered to make us a big hello kitty.  it turned out so cute!!

 kati, from kati's kookies, made the cute hello kitty cookies.

 loved using the aprons from their photo shoot as part of the decor. ;)
 the pinata
 the girls got right to work at the lemonade stand. ;)

 i fell in love with these cute pink aprons from hobby  and i made flower clips to attach to each one. the girls got to take their apron home and have a clip for their hair afterward too. ;)
our friend, sarah, made the girls these cute collages.

 donut holes, yogurt parfaits and fruit...
 mini cupcakes...

 maria made all of the bundt cakes and we stacked cakestands to display them...

 debran made all of the delicious food!!  it was so fun having breakfast at 4 in the afternoon.  i think everyone was kinda surprised and loved it too!

french toast..bananas foster and fresh fruit. mmmmmmm!!
 egg and potato and cheese casserole.

 the girls picnic ;)

 next up..painting!

 so fun watching all of the girls create their masterpieces.
 of course kaelyn and ella painted hello kitty ;)

 this is what the stand looked like mid party..haha

 placing their order ;)
 we hung up all of the paintings to dry after they were finished.

 bobbing for apples!

 musical mats ;)
 more drinks!
 cake time!
 the cute birthday girls!
 they are always so silly!

 with their mommies and co hosts ;)

 happy birthday to you!! 

 and they finished the party playing and opening presents.
such a special day for them.  i can hardly believe they are 5 now!!  boy does time fly.
happy birthday, ella and kaelyn!  xo