Sunday, May 7, 2017

let's fiesta!

i just love cinco de mayo and have loved hosting big ol fiestas in the past. it hasn't worked out where i could the past couple of years, so this year it needed to be celebrated. we invited over some friends and kept it small and enjoyed yummy food and pina coladas, while the kids swam and had fun busting open the burro piñata.;) it was a fun night!

our signature mascot..the burro! it just wouldn't be the same without him.

blew up a couple new floats for the kids to go swimming with.

oh, this bread. yum.

we had the bar all ready to go for bobby to mix us up some pina coladas..and they were SO yummy!!

cole was beyond excited for the piñata. he stuffed it with the candy and asked so many times when we were going to hit it.

and these addicting!!

a few sweets..

and drinks..

my sidekick.

cole thoroughly enjoying his chips and salsa. haha

i made some fresh guacamole. and then put down the camera and didn't pick it up the rest of the night. we ended up catering from a local mexcian restaurant 

happy fiesta'ing!:)