Sunday, May 15, 2011

cinco de mayo fiesta

last year my friend, debran, and i hosted a cinco de mayo party at her house.  but, this year, we're referring to ourselves as hostesses lazy style. haha!!  this year has been a lot simpler party wise for the both of us.  everyone still has a great time whether you go all out at a house, or just have a gathering at a park.  the easter party we hosted at the park a couple weeks prior worked out so well, we decided to just host a cinco de mayo party there too! :)  the aftermath is a lot easier to handle than at one of our houses.  the kids have so much fun running free with lots of room to play.  and the moms actually get to relax too! again, we made it potluck style and we supplied the pinata!

kati's kookies :) soo cute!
the burro ;)  thanks maria for finding him!
pico de gallo
our spread...yum!

sombreros hung on the trees

the lazy hostesses ;) haha

we hung the pinata from the basketball hoop.  it worked out perfectly...
well almost perfectly. haha.  i guess he was a little too heavy from all the candy!

but he still held up ok ;)
another fun celebration..and with no stress! ;)

easter party at the park!

debran and i put together an easter party potluck at the park.  everyone brought something to contribute for lunch and treats, and the kids did a craft and easter egg hunt (each mom brought a dozen eggs for each kid).  it's so nice to have it at a park (which we had all to ourselves!) where the kids can run wild and play all day.  they were pooped when we 4 hours later. haha! we all had a so much fun! :)

the adorable cookies kati made..go check her out her cookies here.
and her famous cake balls!  or should i say eggs? ;)
 we made these cupcakes..
and yes i am too lazy to rotate this pic so i am going to leave it as is. haha
the kids were distracted with a craft...
 while the mommy's went to hide the eggs.

 ella's egg
 owen got a little caught up in the basket. haha
 couldn't resist taking this pic..the mamarazzi. haha
 and they're off!  the kids always have so much fun with the egg hunts. love watching their giddy excitement!

 a fun, relaxing easter celebration!  everyone had a great time!