Wednesday, April 29, 2009

kelsie's 1st birthday!

we went to our friends, sarah and jason's, daughter's (kelsie's) first birthday last weekend.  and it was so cute and inspiring i had to post an entry! ;)  my motto has always been, "it's all about the details!" and there were so many cute was like eye candy!

this cute chalkboard was set out upon arrival..loved it!...
i am planning on using chalkboards for ella's upcoming party..and was so inspired by chalkboard ink on aunt ruthie's sugar pie farmhouse's blog!  i have always wondered how starbuck's gets their chalkboards so bright!  so cute and creative..and the ideas are endless.  a perfect touch of bright and whimsical.  exactly the look i'm going for!  

the cutest banners were placed all around...sarah made the majority of creative ;)
i have also been looking for banners for ella's party too..and etsy  is a great place to find them!  but after seeing how much fun sarah had making all of hers..i'm thinking i might actually attempt it too!  i was definitely inspired! :) 

there was a day where i used to make everything..and slowly it seemed like time for it became less and less...but i do remember how much i enjoyed doing it..and the feeling of accomplishment i had afterwards.  no more's time to be creative again! haha!

to check out more cute pics from kelsie's cute here.  again, great job sarah! :)

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

craft time!

so i was just recently introduced to this site, crafts, etc! (thank you melissa) as the next best thing to hobby lobby (since we unfortunately do not have one out here, nor do they have a website).  so...after checking out this website yesterday, i just about lost my marbles!  i wanted to buy some craft supplies for ella's upcoming candyland party..and a lot of times shopping online is easier and much more practical for me these days.  i have had yet to find a site that carried all the basic necessities..until now.  great selection, good prices, and as an added shipping for orders over $25!!  you can't beat that!  so if anyone is need of some craft shopping from home..look no further. :)

Saturday, April 18, 2009

some great finds!

i received the catalog, hearthsong,  the other day, and found some of the cutest things for parties!

i am currently planning my daughter, ella's, 3rd birthday party...i have decided on the theme candyland..and am so excited for it!  i saw a couple of these things that i thought i could make work because i am going for a whimsical look!  plus these items could be used again for another party..which is practical! :) 

omg..i love these treat bags.  i have to have them!  they're the cutest things! and will fit in perfectly with the party theme!
i love this tablecloth!  
and how cute are these?  i've seen this before..but i really think i need to invest in a pan like this!  kids absolutely love cupcakes..and i think it adds a neat twist to them.  and again..can be used time and time again!
if ella ever decides she wants a butterfly better believe that each of her little friends will be receiving wings like this to flutter around the yard with! haha!  adorable!
you can find these, and a lot of other cute party ideas at hearthsong (under party and cooking).

Thursday, April 16, 2009


let's start off with the simple basics.  balloons.  ♥.  there is something about the simple presence of them that just says party all over it.  i have always loved balloons.   very rarely will i have a party without them.  i love the impact they make.  and i love this picture i found. :)


i am absolutely in love with anything party planning.  i have had such an appreciation for it for as long as i can remember.  i think i truly found my passion for it when i hosted (along with my sister, melissa) several halloween parties.  we did not hold back.  and naturally, we would try and outdo ourselves each year.  although those halloween parties lie in the past, the spark for planning still continues.  i have found that after having kids, my passion has grown even stronger.  i will find any excuse to host a party...birthdays, holidays, showers, etc, etc.  i am a firm believer that there are several aspects to a successful party...but the main ones being details, creativity and ambiance.  there is something about setting the mood for the theme of the party that can make all the difference.  i know little details can seem little, even if it took forever to create...but it's these little details that make a party special.  my goal in this blog is to not only post parties i host, but those of others i may come across, or ideas i find.  i know there are so many good ideas out there, and i love that blogging has opened the flood gates for endless ideas!  it took me blog hopping on so many different party planning websites, til all hours of the night last night, to inspire me to actually create one of my own.  nothing extravagant, just something i truly enjoy doing.  i hope to one day in the future open my own business party planning, well, weddings specifically, but that will be when my kids are older.  so for now, this will do.  happy planning! :)