Saturday, April 18, 2009

some great finds!

i received the catalog, hearthsong,  the other day, and found some of the cutest things for parties!

i am currently planning my daughter, ella's, 3rd birthday party...i have decided on the theme candyland..and am so excited for it!  i saw a couple of these things that i thought i could make work because i am going for a whimsical look!  plus these items could be used again for another party..which is practical! :) 

omg..i love these treat bags.  i have to have them!  they're the cutest things! and will fit in perfectly with the party theme!
i love this tablecloth!  
and how cute are these?  i've seen this before..but i really think i need to invest in a pan like this!  kids absolutely love cupcakes..and i think it adds a neat twist to them.  and again..can be used time and time again!
if ella ever decides she wants a butterfly better believe that each of her little friends will be receiving wings like this to flutter around the yard with! haha!  adorable!
you can find these, and a lot of other cute party ideas at hearthsong (under party and cooking).


Kati said...

Cute stuff! :) Sofia had said she wanted a Tinker Bell we are thinking wings! :) However, I am trying to persuade her to something else...she has too many friends who are boys! HA! :)

Danielle said...

Katelyn's first birthday was butterflies...I don't know if you remember. I wish I could have seen these cute wings back then! Great find :)