Wednesday, April 29, 2009

kelsie's 1st birthday!

we went to our friends, sarah and jason's, daughter's (kelsie's) first birthday last weekend.  and it was so cute and inspiring i had to post an entry! ;)  my motto has always been, "it's all about the details!" and there were so many cute was like eye candy!

this cute chalkboard was set out upon arrival..loved it!...
i am planning on using chalkboards for ella's upcoming party..and was so inspired by chalkboard ink on aunt ruthie's sugar pie farmhouse's blog!  i have always wondered how starbuck's gets their chalkboards so bright!  so cute and creative..and the ideas are endless.  a perfect touch of bright and whimsical.  exactly the look i'm going for!  

the cutest banners were placed all around...sarah made the majority of creative ;)
i have also been looking for banners for ella's party too..and etsy  is a great place to find them!  but after seeing how much fun sarah had making all of hers..i'm thinking i might actually attempt it too!  i was definitely inspired! :) 

there was a day where i used to make everything..and slowly it seemed like time for it became less and less...but i do remember how much i enjoyed doing it..and the feeling of accomplishment i had afterwards.  no more's time to be creative again! haha!

to check out more cute pics from kelsie's cute here.  again, great job sarah! :)

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Kati said...

Yes, the chalk is key!!! I am thinking Sofia's party will be a Mary Poppins party and we are going to have some chalk drawing like Bert does in Mary Poppins! HA! :)