Wednesday, May 6, 2009


so, i have started the creation of my candy land letters for the upcoming festivities.  i am envisioning these letters hanging separately by different, whimsical ribbon from the you enter "candy land."  they are still a work in progress, as i still need to varnish and attach the ribbon, but i thought i would share my progress so far.  i bought some paper mache letters from Crafts, etc, the sweet stack scrabooking paper from Joann's, and decoupage supplies from Michaels.  i painted each letter first, and then attached different paper on both the front and back of each letter.  so fun and easy to do! :)

c is for canyland! :)

it's the "sweet" little girl we are celebrating! :)
i think she approves ;)


Melissa Marie said...

Of course she approves... anything with the word "candy" in it and she will lose her cotton pickin marbles!

sarah said...

i love them ! so cute!

DeBran said...

this is super cute!!

maria said...

hahaha!!! did someone say Candy??? ;) the letters look AWESOME!!!