Tuesday, May 19, 2009

birthday lunch for mom ♥

it was my mom's birthday last weekend, so my sister, melissa, and i decided to throw her a little celebration birthday lunch. girls only. ;) which would include my two sisters, my mom, and myself (don't worry, the rest of the family was included in the birthday bbq that night..haha!). we chose the colors red and white to theme, and set the table accordingly out on the patio.

starting off...i have to say i was so excited to find these cushions..really, how cute are they?!

i potted some flowers in a pot...and placed some fresh flowers in mason jars...

i love big, bright white flowers..so fresh.


melissa preparing her famous strawberry salad :)

emily was in charge of taking our mom to get a pedicure...so when she arrived home she had this awaiting her :)

the birthday girl aka my mom...along with my sister, emily

melissa made some tasty lemonade, accompanied with raspberry ice cubes...so cute!

who doesn't love red gerbers?

we also made turkey croissant sandwiches with all the fixins, fruit salad, and a couple other sides set around the table
nothing beats spending the afternoon with the girls!
why put in a perfectly posed pic when you can include what really goes on? hahaha!

happy birthday mom! i hope you enjoyed your celebration! xoxo

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Carlie said...

you guys are so creative! I love all the fresh flowers! And lemonade with raspberry ice cubes, What a nice touch :)