Monday, January 11, 2010

vintage toy baby shower

this past weekend my friend, rachelle, and i threw a baby shower for our friend, debran.  she did all the food..i did all of the decor.  worked out perfectly. :)  i wanted to do a theme that i haven't seen..or isn't super popular right now.  then i started thinking about vintage/classic toys.  i loved the idea..especially since there were so many different ways you could go with it.  i have been planning for months now, during which i found out i am pregnant and am having a boy too!  i have been so inspired by the theme that i actually think i am going to do the baby's nursery in it!  i have a vision, and i am really excited about it.  ok, back to the shower..haha.  congratulations debran!  i loved planning this for you! :)

balloons are a necessity at any event, right?  i was so excited to find these wagon balloons at  they actually have a red wagon theme, which is really cute if anyone is looking for stuff.  i found the baby boy balloons at party city.
of course i had to use my chalkboard to welcome guests

i created a sign in for her as a keepsake.
m&m's anyone? ;)
i found this vintage plane at a local antique store.
i had arranged with my friend sarah to take maternity pictures of debran.  we surprised her with a collage..her pics turned out so cute! (you can see some of them at
how i am totally in love with sock monkeys now!!  target has the cutest classic toy replica section..and i was able to find a lot of toys there..including this cute sock monkey jack in the box.

my first diaper cake. :)

i found these vintage ducks (i forget their exact name now) on ebay.  i love them!
for one of the games i did a guess how many blocks are in the jar (instead of the usual candy, etc).

i found this old bucket at an antique store as well...and i loved how so many things i found are it was perfect for the alphabet/number magnets.
i hung a bunch of lanterns over the center island where the food was served

i created a clothesline...i had found this collection at crazy 8 months ago.  i thought a slinky would make for a more appropriate clothesline. ;) haha.

my sister, melissa, created the stickers for me.

cracker jacks for favors
a banner i made
i loved creating little sayings out of blocks around the house
another game we played was the candy bar baby game.  i had found it here (thank you!!) a long time ago and had bookmarked it.  it was something different and so fun!
yum!!  it only took me 4 different stores to gather this collection of everything i needed! haha!

i put together a toy tree.

rachelle did the baby in the ice game.  whoever got their baby out first won!  i wish i would have taken pics of everyone doing that! haha

the food was so yummy.  i don't think i actually got a picture of everything..yummy appetizers, 3 different salads, fruit, bread and jam.
the cupcakes :)
they were able to customize them for me.  i loved this detail.

rachelle preparing the food :)

i forgot to take pics of the plates..but like the napkins i had toy plates for appetizers and square polka dot plates for lunch. i found them at

again, taking advantage of the magnetic letters i was able to create the due date!
present time :)

the guest of honor and myself :)
we are both on our third baby and have been pregnant every single time together (we didn't know each other yet with the first one) but our girls are a couple weeks apart, our boys are also about 6 weeks apart, and then again our boys will be a couple months apart.  how funny, huh?  how often does that happen?  debran is also entertaining the idea of a vintage toy nursery now too!  it's definitely a fun and happy theme!  i can't wait to bounce ideas off of each other! :)