Monday, January 11, 2010

vintage toy baby shower

this past weekend my friend, rachelle, and i threw a baby shower for our friend, debran.  she did all the food..i did all of the decor.  worked out perfectly. :)  i wanted to do a theme that i haven't seen..or isn't super popular right now.  then i started thinking about vintage/classic toys.  i loved the idea..especially since there were so many different ways you could go with it.  i have been planning for months now, during which i found out i am pregnant and am having a boy too!  i have been so inspired by the theme that i actually think i am going to do the baby's nursery in it!  i have a vision, and i am really excited about it.  ok, back to the shower..haha.  congratulations debran!  i loved planning this for you! :)

balloons are a necessity at any event, right?  i was so excited to find these wagon balloons at  they actually have a red wagon theme, which is really cute if anyone is looking for stuff.  i found the baby boy balloons at party city.
of course i had to use my chalkboard to welcome guests

i created a sign in for her as a keepsake.
m&m's anyone? ;)
i found this vintage plane at a local antique store.
i had arranged with my friend sarah to take maternity pictures of debran.  we surprised her with a collage..her pics turned out so cute! (you can see some of them at
how i am totally in love with sock monkeys now!!  target has the cutest classic toy replica section..and i was able to find a lot of toys there..including this cute sock monkey jack in the box.

my first diaper cake. :)

i found these vintage ducks (i forget their exact name now) on ebay.  i love them!
for one of the games i did a guess how many blocks are in the jar (instead of the usual candy, etc).

i found this old bucket at an antique store as well...and i loved how so many things i found are it was perfect for the alphabet/number magnets.
i hung a bunch of lanterns over the center island where the food was served

i created a clothesline...i had found this collection at crazy 8 months ago.  i thought a slinky would make for a more appropriate clothesline. ;) haha.

my sister, melissa, created the stickers for me.

cracker jacks for favors
a banner i made
i loved creating little sayings out of blocks around the house
another game we played was the candy bar baby game.  i had found it here (thank you!!) a long time ago and had bookmarked it.  it was something different and so fun!
yum!!  it only took me 4 different stores to gather this collection of everything i needed! haha!

i put together a toy tree.

rachelle did the baby in the ice game.  whoever got their baby out first won!  i wish i would have taken pics of everyone doing that! haha

the food was so yummy.  i don't think i actually got a picture of everything..yummy appetizers, 3 different salads, fruit, bread and jam.
the cupcakes :)
they were able to customize them for me.  i loved this detail.

rachelle preparing the food :)

i forgot to take pics of the plates..but like the napkins i had toy plates for appetizers and square polka dot plates for lunch. i found them at

again, taking advantage of the magnetic letters i was able to create the due date!
present time :)

the guest of honor and myself :)
we are both on our third baby and have been pregnant every single time together (we didn't know each other yet with the first one) but our girls are a couple weeks apart, our boys are also about 6 weeks apart, and then again our boys will be a couple months apart.  how funny, huh?  how often does that happen?  debran is also entertaining the idea of a vintage toy nursery now too!  it's definitely a fun and happy theme!  i can't wait to bounce ideas off of each other! :)


Kati said...

Wow, Jessica! You went all out!! But should we expectg anything less? :) SO, super cute! What a good idea for a baby room too! That will be adorable! I need to find that little vintage plane for my little man's airplane room! :)

jessica said...

thanks so much kati!! :) we will have to go to granny's together and do some antique shopping. they also have the cutest airplanes at homegoods too! :)

Kati said...

Oh HOmegoods!!!! I have to go there! :) I've never been to Granny's...that sound fun too! :)

Allyson/HBMomof2 said...

Another beautifully done party. Great theme and nothing I have seen lately. The colors are so vibrant. That would make a great baby's room. I love all of the blocks spelling out different things throughout and that sock monkey clothesline on a slinky? So, so great. Loving the sock monkey idea. With browns being so popular right now and your family's penchant for red, that could be a really cute room. Great post and your photos are wonderful.

The Purple Pug said...

PERFECT presentation. I adore everything about this party. Totally charming.

sarah said...

it definitly turned out so cute!!!

Anonymous said...

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Bird said...

Thank you for sharing this coooool Party!!!

You both looked lovely!!

katie@tulsadetails said...

Oh my gosh! This is so cute! You are so talented!

Regina White said...

I just discovered your blog and LOVE IT! I'm a photographer in GR, Michigan and love details. I love parties too but don't plan many. I am having a party for my son on Sunday and it's Mickey themed. I gooled Mickey parties and your blog came up. Yay for me and your creative ideas. So here I am telling you how much I love your blog and can't wait to see more. Congrats on your new addition.
Totally wish I could photograph your parties.

Anonymous said...

Came across your blog and have been inspired to do a vintage/classic toy theme shower for my sister and soon-to-be here nephew! One thing I am need or are really cute stickers with the sock monkey/wagon theme. But I cannot find any nor do I have any clue on how to begin to make them. Any advice or suggestions??? Thanks for sharing your creativity! LOVE it :)

kathie said...

I agree with the above poster...I stumbled onto your blog because I am going to have a 'classic' toy birthday party for my son...I would really love ideas for your oh boy/pennant/ toys labels you had on all the jars, cupcakes, etc...any thoughts would be greatly appreciated!

The Lady of the House said...


Shannon - Creative Party Girl said...

Your party is being featured on Tuesday.

Please email me for your "I was featured" button


Mystery Maiden said...

That was absolutely inspiring - I was actually trying to think of who I knew who was pregnant so I could give them a party like this! haha. That mini radio flyer is to die for, and those letter magnets - it was like a walk down memory lane.

jennyc said...

Just left a comment at creative party place, then realized you might not see it so I wanted to give you credit :) I just hosted a baby shower a few weekends ago and found your blog when I googled "Vintage Toy Baby Shower". We had all these toys but didn't know how to make it work with a shower theme - so excited when I saw your wonderful ideas and pics. Thanks so much for sharing! It turned out great!

Natalie Catherine said...

ok seriously you are too cute!! i LOVE your party!!! and i love how many photos you post haha...a lot like me. hehe.,.loved checking out all the details! that slinky clothesline was genius.

Anonymous said...

what kind of invites did you use? adorable by the way

jessica said...

Here is the link to the invites..

Lindsey {Bella Grace Party Designs} said...

OMG! I am SOOO glad I found you TODAY! I am planning a Vintage Toy Birthday party this weekend and I am loving some last minute inspirations! I am planning the party around the Retro Toy Party Circles and Invitations in my etsy shop...
You did such an awesome job with this! Very impressive... finding such cool vintage toys!

Entertain Exchange said...

What an adorable party...I love all the vintage toys.


Jillian said...

I love your party! The details are wonderful!

I'm founder of, a site to share photos of your event parties. I'd love to feature your party in our Party of the Day section on our homepage. Please email me if you are interested.

Again, cool job!

Julie Gallagher said...

Dear Jessica

WHAT AN AMAZING and original baby shower theme. We would love to feature it in our online mag. - click on good news to see previous issues. You can email me on
Thanks so much

Lisa Glowacka said...

Stumbled across your blog! LOVE LOVE LOVE this party idea!

I was thinking of doing some vintage toys in my new son's room to finish it off and I love that I can use it for a party too! Thinking of doing this theme for his first bday!

Can you tell me where you got those ADORABLE cupcakes toppers from?

jessica said...

hi lisa! thank you so much! :) i loved the theme so much i did it for my nursery too! so fun! and i actually had the cupcakes custom made from albertsons! they scanned a picture i gave them and they were able to make the edible toppers! hope that helps!

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I love the idea .. is great and simple .. I'll make a birthday of my son .. Guests are surprised by the idea so original!

RGF said...

Your party is inspirational! I love how you set it up. The details are gorgeous. How did you ever keep the toys so new? Congratulations and I look forward to going through the rest of your blog. You're officially bookmarked!

ChildsPlayManila said...

Here I was googling vintage toys to find a picture for my post and then I bump into your blog. What a FAB FIND!!! You are amazing. I'm so excited to go through your blog. I've been looking for an interesting blog for a while now and I'm so glad to find yours.

Check me out when you have the chance:

You're officially bookmarked!

huggies coupons said...

I love all of the blocks spelling out different things throughout and that sock monkey clothesline on a slinky? So, so great. Loving the sock monkey idea. With browns being so popular right now and your family's penchant for red, that could be a really cute room.

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jojoe said...

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Anonymous said...

I am planning the party around the Retro Toy Party Circles and InFlash Gamesin my etsy shop...

Baby Accessories said...

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