Wednesday, April 22, 2009

craft time!

so i was just recently introduced to this site, crafts, etc! (thank you melissa) as the next best thing to hobby lobby (since we unfortunately do not have one out here, nor do they have a website).  so...after checking out this website yesterday, i just about lost my marbles!  i wanted to buy some craft supplies for ella's upcoming candyland party..and a lot of times shopping online is easier and much more practical for me these days.  i have had yet to find a site that carried all the basic necessities..until now.  great selection, good prices, and as an added shipping for orders over $25!!  you can't beat that!  so if anyone is need of some craft shopping from home..look no further. :)


steffany said...

that sounds great! i'll have to check it out and start planning for trav's next party. is hobby lobby the place you and melissa went to in texas? i forget. i thought i remembered you talking about some place like that there.

Genn said...

It's so funny that I came across your party planning blog today because I was JUST telling my husband that I wanted to have a combination party for our girls' birthdays this year. It's not until November, but I need to start at least mentally planning a bit now, right? I usually need a little guidance in party planning. My Mom is a wonderful hostess and I think I can be, but I stress out way too much. I am looking forward to following your party blog! Bring on the ideas!

(Also, love your header picture on this blog too. Is that your little guy? Did you take that pic? IT'S AWESOME)

jessica said...

oh yes..i love to start thinking about the birthday parties far in advance. that way i feel like i can gather a lot of ideas, and start buying stuff slowly so it's not all one big expense at one time! but usually i have so many ideas going on i overwhelm myself..haha! how fun to do a combination birthday party! that's a great's like you can put all the effort of two parties into one! and yes, i am right there with you..i stress out way too much!! i oftentimes think..what have i got myself into?! haha! but i love it at the same time. i wish i had more time to make a lot of the stuff..but with two little ones it can be hard. have you thought of a theme for the girls' party yet?
(and thank you! yes, that is my luke in the pic..and no i didn't take photographer/friend sarah did! she's great!)