Sunday, August 23, 2009

classic halloween party

this was just a classic little bit of everything halloween party.  this was done in 2007.  this was the last big halloween party we is a lot of work..haha!  and with one little one, and one on the way at the was tiring! haha!  nowadays, we just keep it smaller scale! :)  but they were so fun to do!

here is the patio area.  it never occurred to me back then to actually go around and take detail pictures.  how i regret that now.

love the effect of cornstalks.  we were lucky enough to have friends whose family grew corn that we actually cut down the stalks ourselves!

ella watching us get ready for the festivities!
ghosts all around..including a flying one that went back and forth on that line

doesn't it seem like every halloween party needs a scene like this? haha!
unfortunately, i didn't get a pic of the front of the entrance..we had candle lanterns up the drive and walkway and then a big blow up arch, and tunnel like effect that guests walked through.  at the time of the party, we had a radio with the munster's theme song playing.

drink area
he we are..the munster family.  fun costumes!  ella wasn't too sure about it though. haha.  after this pic, she was off to bed!
i was about 4 months pregnant here!
melissa and me :)  oh, how we love halloween! haha!
a few of the treats

it was a perfect halloween night, with a perfect halloween moon!

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