Tuesday, August 18, 2009

fairy ideas :)

i received a catalog in the mail the other day called magic cabin.  i had never heard of it, so i took a look through.  they have a lot of cute little things in there.  what caught my eye is the cute little fairy stuff they had.  some good ideas for those people interested in a fairy/garden/foresty theme.  here are a couple things... you can find the everything fairies section here.

how cute..it's where the fairies live ;)  or maybe knomes. haha.
or maybe they live in a mushroom? ;)

and how cute is this mushroom table and stools?  you can see it at magic cabin.com.


Bethany said...

YAY!! Thank you so much for sharing this! I am planning a fairy party for my sweet girl! Her birthday isn't until July, but I have already started bookmarking things!

Thank you!!

jessica said...

bethany-when i first saw this i totally thought of you and the party you're planning..i was going to email it to you..but then figured i would just post it. :) i hope it gives you a few ideas! :)