Sunday, August 23, 2009

murder mystery party circa 1985

last year (2008) we hosted a murder mystery party.  we did another one in 2006, and it was so much we knew we had to do another one!  we chose a high school reunion, class of 1985.  who doesn't love the 80's?!  the costumes alone made the you will see! haha!  i had put together the invitations, which had all of the details, along with a newsletter.  when guests arrived that night, they were given a name tag, fake money and more details of their character.

ella modeled our picture spot as our fellow classmates arrived...(again, she was in bed by the time the party started..although she woke up midway and decided to join us! haha!)
dance team
cheerleading captain and quarterback
the band
rebel and lawyer
class president and vice president
class flirt
drama queen
the stud
hall monitor
film student turned director
math nerd and math team cheer captain
prom queen and king
getting acquainted with all of the other characters..a lot of mingling and socializing.  it was fun to watch everyone in character where all the conversations are getting down to business.
introduction by the class president
halloween cupcakes of course...amongst other goodies!

lights out!  the murder!!  eeeek!!
more assumptions and accusations...putting all of the clues together
after the murder was solved, awards and prizes were given out.  everyone voted on best costume..which went to the rebel.  so funny.  he was so into his character.  it makes me laugh just looking at the picture.
drama queen award
smoking gun award.  and she was also the murderer. haha.
and bobby also got the smoking gun award for guessing the murderer.
the girls
and guys

at the end of this party, everyone kept saying how much fun it was, and it is an absolute must to have another!!  not sure yet if it will be this year or next, but i look forward to it!!

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