Wednesday, August 26, 2009

backyard summer picnic

it's been so long since i have done a tablescape.  i am so excited that my sister, melissa, is down from texas, and we could do one together.  we decided we wanted to do a pretty backyard picnic  to celebrate the end of summer. :)

some goodies
and yummy drinks
pretty pink candles

raspberry lemonade
silverware in a mason jar wrapped in a ribbon
summer staple..watermelon :)
place setting


green and blue vases to accent the tablecloth


a butterfly even came to visit. ;)
as the sun started setting, we lit the candles for dusk
pretty candlelight

dusk quickly turned into night...
and the apple pie was hot out of the oven, ready to be served :)

dessert by candlelight, under the moon.  what a perfect summer night.
twinkle lights to offer more lighting

and my little ella always there to blow out the candles. her way of ending the night.
bring on the fall! ;)


Linda Higgins said...

I loved your simple yet elegant setting for an outdoor picnic table! The night light was actually a really fun way to end the day! Great tablescape!

Denise said...

Despite the fact that I'm ready for fall and rather sick of our heat, I love your tablescape and the fresh cool look to it, it reminds me more of a perfect summer day (not a very hot triple digit day like we keep getting here!). Love the night pics too, candles always make every thing look cozy :)

Mid-Atlantic Martha said...

So pretty - what a lovely picnic! I'm sad to see the Summer go.

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

Oh how pretty that was! laurie

Kim said...

What a charming outdoor picnic. I loved everything about this. The night time look was fabulous as well. Raspberry lemonade sounds so yummy right now.

Pearl Maple said...

Rasphberry lemonade sounds tasty. Thanks for adding your delightful picnic setting to the tablescape party.

sarah said...

jESSICA I LOVE IT!!!! that turned out so cute! im still tempted to try that out soon!

Hippie Chick Party Supplies said...

I was so amazed in all the photos that you post. That backyard picnic is so great. I think I can use that kind of theme in one birthday party. This post is going to be my inspiration in preparing a party.