Friday, November 27, 2015

God's great dance floor..slumber party!

Ella knew she wanted some kind of music/karaoke party (she loves Chris Tomlin)..and she wanted a slumber party..and she wanted to dress up and do all the girly things. So, we basically just combined them all. Of course it was so fun to plan with her, but watching how much fun they had that night was truly the best part. I loved it all! Oh, to be 9 again!;)

I decorated two rooms, this one as their karaoke room/performing and lounging room...
and this one was their getting ready, dress up, nail and makeup room.
 I have so many halloween costumes from years past and pulled them all out for the girls. They had so much fun dressing up and playing parts, etc.

 i put together little goody baskets for them to take home...
 my daughter made the tags;)

of course they had to have matching pjs;)

Ella helped me prep the french toast bake for the next morning..her favorite.
 the popcorn bar was a hit for the movie later that night!:)

 dinner was chick fil a..her choice of course.

 these girls had a blast performing, singing, putting on shows, dressing up and doing each other's makeup. 

i made some smores dip for them to snack on while they were hard at work.

 pillow fight!!
and in good slumber party fashion, they went to bed late and woke up early;) 

 the next day we had family and friends over for another little party..
they were so excited when the water slide arrived that morning!

we catered mexican food, another one of her favorites.
It was definitely a full weekend of birthday celebrating. And i wouldn't have it any other way. I only have a little girl once and watching her enjoy it all makes everything worth it.
til next year...;)


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