Monday, March 13, 2017

favorite things party: pretty paradise edition

i saw one picture on pinterest and i was immediately inspired. i knew i had to somehow elaborate it into a theme of my style. i had been wanting to host a little girls night before another year, i decided since i hadn't hosted a favorite things party in quite some time, that would be perfect. 
i sent out an evite several weeks in advance to give everyone time to mark their calendars and choose their favorite things. and then it gave me plenty of time to plan, prepare, craft, shop and everything else that goes along with hosting. i loved that so much of the decor also doubled as things i could use to get the house ready for spring.
so, here's a look around...

as i was setting everything up (my favorite part..watching my vision come to life) i tried to decide what exactly this theme was. and then it came to me..i was going for a pretty paradise..a mixture of deserty, cactus, lots of pinks and corals, palm springish, macrame, lace all combined.

the entrance. when i found these flamingos, i knew they had to be incorporated in.

i had so much fun shopping for all the different kinds of cactus and succulents. i made multiple trips to the local nursery, lowes and home depot.

my favorite thing was macrame plant holders. i am loving everything macrame right now, so it was definitely a favorite.

i painted so many of the pots dispersed around. which was fun way to incorporate my color scheme.

i always like to add a bunch more of my favorites in addition. this time i just did a giveaway so multiple girls got something. and then of course a prize for the favorite favorite thing that everyone votes on.

i bought the prints on etsy and then had them printed by shutterfly into these big prints. then i attached vintage poster hangers to them.

i love how many houseplants i have also added to the house.:)

i made a couple of my favorite things. anything lemon of course. but, i made these lemon cupcakes with drizzled lemon icing.

and brownies.

bags for the girls to use for all their favorites.

i forgot to label the last was a yummy strawberry lemon sangria maria made.

of course i had to make some lemon dip too. and basically this cake ended up being decoration since it didn't even get touched.

so many cute favorites. i loved everything!!

my cute little sidekick and helper for the night.;)

little favors for the girls to take home.

i haven't poured myself into a party in a long time. i love how it sparks my creative juices and helps inspire my passion to create, put together and host. there's nothing like putting everything together and watching it come to life. there's always little things i don't get to or wish i would have done a little different, but i try not to get caught up in that. instead just enjoy the night. now, time to think of my next party.;) maybe easter. 

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Anonymous said...

So Beautiful! So glad to see you blogging again!