Monday, November 23, 2015

halloween party

we love halloween around here. so, naturally a good old fashioned halloween party was in order!
i got lazy (and ran out of time) and didn't even pull out my camera. so, unfortunately all i have is my phone pics and it was basically me taking the pictures as i went. so i apologize for the quality and the randomness. here's a look around...

 decorating items, and fun treats for the kids, including glo necklaces, etc.

 cookie decorating table

 we hadn't dressed up in years!! i forgot how much fun it is!!
 everyone had such great costumes, i wish i would have snapped pics of each and every one.
 the bubble fog machine was definitely a hit with the kids!

 pumpkin treats!!

 we even decorated the playground and tried to make their little playhouse into a haunted, spooky house.

 there was bobbing for apples...

 and a pumpkin toss...

 and of course donuts on a string!
 and cookie decorating..

such a fun night!!:)

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