Tuesday, July 7, 2009

summer party goodies

i have always loved cath kidston! how can you not love her whimsical prints and designs?! melissa actually found and posted some of the outdoor stuff and accessories on her summer entry (take a look..the epitome of summer!). i have since ordered a couple of things. and now am going back for more to see what i can throw together for our upcoming outdoor summer vintage party.

everything outdoor here. so cute.

here are a couple of things i picked out..a little eye candy :)

i absolutely love all of the oil cloths!  from bags (i just bought a purse that i love..never gets dirty!) to table cloths.  so many cute prints!
do napkins get any cuter than this?
and of course you have to wear a cute apron while preparing all of the goodies.
love the colors.
it just wouldn't be an outdoor picnic without a kite.
and while we are accessorizing everything else, why not yourself?!

you can find so many cute things on the site.  it's based out of london, so you will pay a pretty penny for shipping (to the states)...but in my opinion..it's worth it! ;)

happy summer party planning!

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Kati said...

Oh wow! What cute stuff! :) No worries about the pretzels!!! I am sure TONS of people have done them before! I got the idea from a website myself. At Sofia's party they were white chocolate rolled in pink sprinkles. That was the first time I ever made them.