Monday, July 13, 2009

candyland invitations!!

here are the invitations for ella's upcoming candyland party! melissa was so nice to design, make, and put together these invitations for me! i absolutely love how they turned out...i keep telling her she needs to start designing and selling invites to add to her etsy store! :)  

so i was so excited to finally get to send them out...and then about 4 days later, i got atleast half of them back..half ripped, half with writing and tape saying postage due :(  i totally forgot that because they included sticks and are not bendable, they wouldn't go through the machine..which meant twenty more cents!  ahhhh!  such a nightmare.  so, as of right now, most people don't have their invite, some people managed to get their invite, some people managed to get their invite after paying the mailman twenty cents, melissa got hers after the post office ripped open the front envelope and tore off the stick!  unreal.  i am so sad.  especially since it's like a week away!  oh well!  what are you going to do?! they they should have arrived! ;)

it's a big lollipop...

and you flip up the front flap to reveal the information...

on the back she attached a magnet...

to hang on the fridge!  that's where all of the invites i receive go! :)

she also designed stickers for the's the back!

and here's the top of the address label.

thanks again melissa for all of your hard work on these! they turned out perfect! :)
now if only everyone could have received them as they should! haha.  you live and learn!  hopefully this will be helpful information for someone else!  learn from my mistake!

update:  melissa is now making and selling these invitations in her etsy store!  yay!  go here if you would like to purchase them!


sarah said...

love them they are sooo cute!!!

Shelley@divinepartyconcepts said...

Those are so cute! Can't wait to see the party.

Anonymous said...

Those invitations are to die for!!! Would your friend be interested in doing something similar for me? If so, would she be able to tell me how much she would charge? I only need 10 so it is a small order.

My daughter is turning five in September and we have been planning this same theme for her birthday for about 3 months now. I have been searching for inviations for a while now and have fallen in love with yours. The woding would be different but the concept the same. Please let me know if she would be interested. My e-mail address is

Thanks so much and I look forward to hearing from you soon.


jessica said...

hi kelcie!
i talked to melissa and she said she would be more than happy to! she will be contacting you, if she hasn't already! it's so hard to find the perfect invite..especially when you want something original and different to go with the party you've been working so hard on. it's like they need to compliment each other! :) so i was glad that melissa designed these for me. i loved them! and don't forget to take them to the post office to be mailed!! haha! have fun at your party!! ;)

Carolyn Bonde said...

I love these invitations too! Do you think your friend would be interested in another order? My email is Thank you!

Anonymous said...

I would love to order some of these as well. Can you send your friend my email as well? I am planning my 5 year olds party and would love to send these as the invite. My email is

Thank you so much.

jessica said...

melissa is now selling them in her etsy store! here is the link! :)

Samara said...

Would you know the name of the font used in the invitation. I am throwing a candyland party for my daughter in a few weeks and would love to make something similar!

Thank you

jessica said...

Not sure of the font..u could visit melissas etsy store and convo her.:)

Anonymous said...


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