Saturday, January 24, 2015

mother's day brunch.

for mother's day, i wanted to do something special to celebrate the women in my mom, family and friends. moms work so hard for their families, i wanted to give back in a little way to let them know how much they are appreciated. i held a small brunch in the morning during the week before all the moms had to race off to pick up their kiddos from school, and obviously the little kiddos that aren't yet in school, came over to play. it was a such a fun little time visiting.

 my mom's favorite donut.;)

 i put little words that describe "mom" throughout.
 each mom got to take home a succulent with their personalized initial.

 i crocheted these little circles so everyone had their own unique glass. and naturally my mom got the big ol flower.;)

 i found some cute printables off of pinterest to hang.

 i made a banner..this is what i am called these days.:)

 i set out bubbles, etc. for the little ones. these two got into them beforehand.;)
 and i just made a little variety from chicken salad sandwiches, to a french toast bake and egg casserole.
mom's are so important and special and they definitely deserve to feel it on their day. happy mother's day.

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Rosa said...

What a lovely and beautiful brunch!.
I enjoy looking at all the little touches you use in all your parties!