Thursday, August 1, 2013

sweet home alabama going away party

my sister's husband had just got back from deployment and then received orders that they were moving to alabama! i threw them a little going away party so they could visit with friends one last time and everyone could give them their well wishes. it's always sad seeing them leave, but atleast it's only for a year! 
since they were moving to the good ol south, i tried to theme the party around that.
here's a little look around...
flags lined the walkway

i had taken pictures of her family the day he returned home from a long deployment. such a whirlwind of emotions. but, it truly is so happy seeing them together again.
 naturally they are going to need a few of these in alabama! haha!
 i purchased this map for them and framed it so they can keep track of their journey...

 they are definitely on an adventure..moving quite frequently..and traveling.

 melissa knew she was going to live in the south at a very early age;)
 s'mores for later that night and glo sticks for the kids.

 i found two matching [heavy] metal jets on etsy that were perfect for them!

 i wish i could say i made this cake myself...but, claim jumper went ahead and handled it for me.;)
yes, the good ol mother lode cake! delicious as always!
when i thought dessert, for some reason this just popped in my head as a good southern cake. don't ask me why.

more goodies..

sugar coated pecans...

i purchased this state art from etsy.

 i set up a kids coloring table..with alabama coloring pages of coursse.
 the kids had fun playing...
 it was memorial day weekend, so we had to dress for the occasion.;)
bbq'd tri tip. layered salad. homemade mac n cheese. pistachio salad. hot dogs for the kids. sliced watermelon. homemade potato salad. rolls.

 the kids picnicked.
 games were played;)
 s'mores were made.

 and if you've never tried a reeses in your s' need to.;)

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Kelli said...

Once again another wonderful party. I love all the cute banners and details you have at your do not miss a thing!

What sweet pictures you took of your sister and her family.