Monday, May 6, 2013

super mario bros birthday party

luke just loves mario and luigi and of course playing it on the wii. so of course he wanted to have a mario party. it's so funny how i used to play this game growing up..and now my son loves it! it definitely was a fun party to plan! and a big thank you to my friend, maria, who helped me execute a lot of it!:) oh, and pinterest had a bunch of great ideas i used!:)

the invitations...

party day!


 i made the piranha plants out of styrofoam balls, painted them red and added felt. then stuck it on a dowel and put them in a recycled can. i just wrapped the can in green paper.

 the treats consisted of luke's favorites

 i just wrapped boxes in red wrapping paper and drew black lines with a sharpie for the brick look. then added the windows out of black card stock. super easy!

 cheese balls=fireballs

 my little mario and luigi;)
luke was so excited!;)

 again, i used white felt and just cut out the letters, m and l, and then glued them onto the hats.
paper plate coins!

 cut outs of the characters were taped up all around

maria made his cute cake!

 do you know they sell plastic lids to fit the paper cups now? genius!

 we did a baseball game...
whoever hit the ball the furthest off the tee..and then they ran the bases, etc.

 again the food consisted of luke's favorites...pasta and pizza. and it fit perfectly with the theme;)
i made a couple of different salads..and we catered pizza, breadsticks and more salad. i also made 2 big pans of ziti.

 everything was simple, yet tasty!
another game was find the yoshi egg.
this was perfect since easter was coming up.
all of the eggs had gold coins in them..but, only one had the yoshi coin. the person who found it won.
the kids loved this!
 we hid the eggs all over the backyard.

the winner!:)
happy birthday to you...
the kids loved running around in the hats.
and they also got to take them home as a favor.
along with water bottles
and chocolate coins:)

luke had a fun day!;)


Briana said...

How fun!

Kelli said...

What a fun party!! As I have said before you are SO creative!! Your parties are the best!

I see you are planning a lalaloopsy party. My little one wants either a lalaloopsy or hello kitty party in July.

Kelli said...

Sorry to leave another comment but I love your picture wall in your family room...

EB said...

You are awesomely talented!!! Love this! xo

Jullie Smith said...

Lovely Birthday Party.

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