Wednesday, January 2, 2013

camp cole

oh, this shower. where do i even begin?
(i know i'm a tad late in posting, but, better late than never, right?)
my sister, melissa, was the mastermind behind this incredibly cute baby shower for cole and me.
she had some help from friends and family implementing all of her ideas.
it was so original and perfect.

you can imagine how excited i was when i received this invitation.
does it get any cuter?
(don't mind all my magnets hanging around it;) )
it took place at my mom's her backyard. this was one of the first things you saw as you came through the door.
and this.
she had me at the hanging monkey lights. ;)
there was just adorableness everywhere you looked.
(the inside of these crates were later filled with food and treats galore)
the cutest little details.

the dinner table;)

the trailer!! seriously!! she had my dad help her with the woodwork and then she painted.
the chairs set up around a fire for later on.

the cutest onesies hanging on lines!!

thee cutest cookies by kati.
and s'mores cookies too!!
cute cupcakes and treats by maria;) 
she created a smoresgasbord. see what she did there?;) haha
one of the games consisted of disc golf!

the yummy food was prepared by debran and rachelle.:)

i absolutely just adored the favors she created. they were candles that were to be lit when i went into labor. and i just loved that as soon as i went to the hospital the text went out to all of the girls..and it was so neat knowing they all lit their candles and were thinking of us as baby cole came into the world. it meant so much.

i wish i had a better pic of the dinner..i guess i was too hungry! haha! chicken, salads, salad in a mason jar, etc.
loved dinner by candlelight under the stars.
how cute is this cake melissa made?

yes, the lantern is what i opened presents by.;)

just a little dessert was served;)
maria made these delicious s'mores ice cream cakes.

present time and s'mores.

melissa, the mastermind.;)
i cannot put into words how grateful i am to melissa for pouring herself into this shower. and for everyone who helped contribute. i feel so blessed to have such great people in my life. thank you, thank you. xoxo
cole was born oct 10th 2012 9lbs 1oz 21in
he is such a blessing and we are so thankful for him.

(the adorable pictures of cole are by sarah from


EB said...

Welcome back!!! So happy to see a new blog post! Aaaaadorable shower and sweet baby!!! Congratulations!!!

Kelli said...

Yeah you are back with a new post! What a wonderful baby shower, but all of your parties are wonderful.:) You always have so many cute little things around your parties...where do you store all of the stuff or do you just shop your house for it.
Congrats on your new baby...he is so cute!
If you have a chance I would love for you to visit my blog sometime.