Saturday, August 18, 2012

3rd annual summer picnic

sarah and i hosted our 3rd annual summer picnic a few weekends back.
a time to get together with friends, enjoy good food and conversation, relax into the summer night and take it all in before summer is over! and boy has summer just flown by this year! we did it potluck style so we had a great variety of food and dessert!
everyone had a great time!:)

here's a look around...

 i forgot to take a pic of all the desserts..oops! pies, cheesecake cupcakes, cookies, etc!

 buffet table
 i was so excited when i found these watermelon plates and napkins!
 sarah made the cute bowl stand.
and i made a variety of different vases out of mason jars and cans to accent the party.

here's what this table looked like later that afternoon.
just a little food.;) now that's what i call a bbq haha!
i made this little garland out of fabric, burlap and ribbon.

 and i knew i had to do something with red burlap!;)

 the kids table
 sarah set up a big board for the kids to draw on

 kids drinks

 a few instagram pics of the night..;)

 hope everyone is having a great summer!:)


Kelli said...

Love the vintage feel of the party! You have so many fun party "accessories"..where do you store everything or are the decorations from your home?
You are so creative!

Megan said...

I pinned this on my pinterest! I love the idea!!