Sunday, March 25, 2012

superbowl party

(pardon the late post on this one)
any excuse to have a party, eat and hang out with friends and family. ;)
that's all i have to say about superbowl since i don't even like football! haha!!
my friend maria and i had so much fun pinning different recipes on pinterest and trying them!;)
we had a fun baking party the night before. ;)
we had so much food the day of between what we provided and what everyone brought. it was a little absurd. haha!

i bought some decorations for the occasion...

 maria's football cake pops

 first recipe on pinterest..
oreo stuffed chocolate chip cookies..
here's the recipe.
they were very tasty!:)
then i decided to stuff a big ol reeses heart (you know the kind that have lots of peanut butter?) in the middle of the cookie dough..and i wish i would have saved more dough! haha! so good!
 i also made these from pinterest...
peanut butter pretzel bites.
these were definitely a hit!
and so good cold!
here's the recipe!

we had to get a little pool going ;)
 also found this idea on pinterest...
veggies and dip in a cup for easy convenience ;)
 i bought a bunch of footballs for the kids to play with
 again, another pinterest recipe..
reeses peanut butter banana bread.
really, does it get any better than that?! 
you will thank me for sharing this recipe. ;)
 kati's cute cookies!:)
 we decided we would provide a little entertainment for the kiddos ;)
big kids and little kids jumpys ;)
 we ordered an 8 ft sandwich from togos and it was so good!!
 maria's chocolate covered strawberry footballs
 salami, cheese and cracker footballs
 this was only the beginning of the smorgasbord;) 
 we pretty much stuffed our faces the whole day. complete gluttony. haha.
 honestly...i couldn't even tell you who won. haha! ;)
i love the idea of making it into a recipe trying day though!
i think this will be a must next year too! ;)

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maria said...

Super Bowl party planning was so much fun!! ;) gotta LOVE pinterest and their fun recipes!! :) Here's to another fun party.... I'm pretty sure the Giants won!! ;)