Saturday, March 31, 2012

melissa's "eclectic" baby shower;)

oh, melissa's shower.
what do i even call it? haha.
i guess i couldn't really decide on one theme in particular and sorta added a little bit of this and that.
i pulled a lot of inspiration from pinterest as far as the things i made. and for the rest, i just wanted it to be cute and girly. vintagey, a little feel of texas and a bit of whimsy.  everything melissa.;)
it was a lot of fun to plan..i think i've been brainstorming and creating since she found out she was pregnant! haha!
(beware, lots of pics ahead!)

the invitation.
totally not what i had envisioned the invitation looking like. but, as i was browsing through all of the options..i just kept coming back to this one. it was just a happy invitation.:) and it reminded me of melissa!
i ordered them from
(sorry the pic isn't great..just took it with my phone)

baby shower day.
the entrance to welcome guests...
i made these paper fans out of western paper...

the sitting area:)

i collected branches from a field..and made/attached pink tissue flowers..and hung a few birds ;)
i displayed some pictures in frames..
i took pictures of her husband's homecoming from a 7 month deployment.
so maternity and family pics went hand in hand.;) very joyful day.
i made this little banner out of burlap and painted hearts on it.

i cut out letters and attached them to doilies. 
these love letters...very time consuming, but, worth it! ;) i wrapped letters in thick yarn, used rag pieces of fabric, wrapped in burlap and modge podged newspaper. then made felt flowers and attached.
i made the sign out of an old pallet piece. and again, painted letters and made an assortment of flowers to attach. then hung some clothes too. ;)
i couldn't get enough of this harajuku line from target. it had emma written all over it. cute clothes and sailor to represent daddy ;)

naturally she had to have one of these from her auntie's favorite store. ;)

pencils for the games...
i made the wreath out of paper punched flowers and glued the centers and then glued them to a syrofoam wreath.

i got this idea of a tulle frame from melissa ;)

my mom made this adorable candy bouquet for another prize.
i incorporated vintage tableclothes and hankies wherever i could ;)

i fit different western scrapbook paper behind an old window...and then attached a wreath i made of pom pom balls (probably not the technical term for those..haha!!), and then made a little burlap banner.

i stamped clothes pins with words associated with a baby girl. it was one of the games. no one could say "baby" or "cute."
and i added some pictures in the center that were from instagram. oh, how i love instagram pics!!

hanky banners
(flowers my husband surprised me with that added to the decor ;))
more paper fan flowers? what are these really called? haha
moving outside on the patio...i set up a sweet spot:)
i wanted good ol fashioned treats. mostly homemade. ;)
and then more drinks...
maria made the pie pops, cake pops and attached donuts on a stick...
i made chocolate chip cookies and bought the muffins. ;)

i stenciled onto a canvas...

sarah let me borrow her photo booth to take pictures in ;)
i attached balloons all along the back fence..
and have been collecting these pinwheels i found at hobby lobby. so cute!!
for favors, guests got a mason jar full of chocolate chip cookies and a flower magnet that i made.
and only after they left melissa and emma a note in the journal. ;)

(flowers in bottle caps)

debran crocheted this adorable pennant banner. how cute, huh?!
i'm sure it looks adorable in emma's room now!
instead of cake, i knew melissa would appreciate an assortment of pies instead ;)
debran made this delightful sugar pie
and she made this buttermilk one too! so good!
and my mom made this delicious boysenberry pie..straight from a knotts berry farm recipe. mmm!

kenny and debran catered the food...and naturally it was so tasty as usual!
i wanted to go a little southern style...again, melissa's favorite. 
there was a corn salad, bbq chicken salad...

pulled pork with sweet rolls...
mac n cheese
biscuits with yummy butter and fruit and dip...
maria supplied her famous spinach dip...

after everyone stuffed themselves and chatted a bit..
we played games!
first up was naming something "baby" that started with each letter of the alphabet!

another was guessing what melissa thought after each word. 
i found both of these games on
and then lastly, guests were asked to bring a clippy/barrette for emma...
and then melissa picked her favorite one:)
not sure how she picked..they were all so cute!

present time! emma sure was spoiled!

some of the girls that crammed in the photo booth haha!

melissa and me.
and yes, pregnant together again..for a short time anyway. ;)
i hope you enjoyed your shower, melissa!
i loved planning it for you!
and i can't wait to meet baby emma!!


Kelli said...

Oh my what a beautiful shower!! Love all of your parties. I really wish that you lived in Northern Ca because I would love to sit down and have you show me how you do some of your amazing crafts! Have you ever thought of having an etsy shop because I would love to be a customer!
Happy Saturday!

Briana@SweetCGrace said...

Oh my goodness! So adorable, as usual! :)