Sunday, July 8, 2018

Mother's Day in paradise

I know any mom would love to be transported to some tropical island for rest and relaxation, all while sipping on some fruity drink in the sun, sporting a lei of course. Well, unfortunately I could not fly all the moms to paradise, so I tried to bring paradise to them. I wanted them to feel special in the little details, from the cups they drank out of to the leis around their necks. I wanted them to feel relaxed and taken care of. And of course lots of yummy food and treats to indulge in. 
The guys were super helpful in contributing to the food..bbq'ing, sides and most important the food prep. Each mom here left with a hibiscus flower to plant at home, and of course our mom's had baskets I prepped with goodies, frame with pics and flowers. I loved decorating with palms I snipped from the backyard and umbrellas for drinks, all sorts of tropicalish fruit, and lots of fresh flowers and plants. I always love putting together the details. And am so thankful for my own mom.


Neha Thakur said...

I like your post. Such a wonderful decoration. Eye catching and unique.
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