Saturday, May 12, 2012

cinco de mayo fiesta!!

i have always loved celebrating cinco de mayo!
friends and good mexican food is the perfect mix!
i sent out an evite to friends to come celebrate fiesta style!
the decor also made for a good backdrop for a few pics of the kiddos ;)

and how could i pass up sombrero hat clips for ella and i?
i hung up these all over...

 these cans made for good vases ;)

 loved this blow up cactus that paired as a cooler and game for the kids!

 love all the colors!!

 pin the tail on the donkey was a must ;)
 sweet rolls and cookies...
 drinks..pina coladas and margaritas!
 and of course fanta!

 rice krispy treats with m&ms..the easiest, tastiest treat!

riding around on the pinata ;) haha

 lots of queso! always a hit everytime i put it out!
 homemade rice (thank you maria)
 and salsa (maria makes the best salsa!)
 my husband bbq'd up some carne asada..and it was sooo yummy!
thank you!;)

 everyone brought a favorite mexican food to share..everything was so delicious. we had a great spread!

 the kids had fun playing!

homemade dulce de leche cake!
 fruit nachos
 pinata time! yes, it was a big burro! haha

 which also made for a good headpiece afterwards! hahaha!

 and senors ;)

happy cinco de mayo!!:)


Briana@SweetCGrace said...

I love the cans as vases! So clever and cute!

Kelli said...

Oh my another cute party!! LOVE the cute clip...did you get off Etsy? Love the cans for vases!
Want to help plan a mermaide party for my 4 year old? ;0 I know you would have so many cute ideas.

Kelli said...

I am sorry to leave another meaasge but I have been thinking about those yummy looking nachos and am wondering if you could pass along the recipe for them?