Wednesday, December 21, 2011

candy cane laynie

i had the privilege of helping throw my friend, debran's, baby shower. baby #4!!:)
debran absolutely adores christmas..and having her baby shower in december, it was just meant to be that it had to be tied into the theme somehow.
melissa then suggested candy cane "laynie" because that is what she is naming her daughter.
it was perfect.
and we all went to work brainstorming.
it was so fun!

i had candy canes lining the walkway...

one of the games...

i took two big candy canes..glued them together and painted the sign with chalkboard paint.

instead of dear santa...
naturally it was dear laynie ;)

debran's mom had these candy cane flowers delievered...

we created a sitting area for debran
candy cane tree :)
i put together a red and white tulle wreath to hang
we decided on a long table and lined it with white votives in mason jars

we made place settings out of letter ornaments for each guest to take home as a favor.

oh, the desserts!!
between maria and melissa..we were in treat heaven!!
i created the heart banner by gluing together candy canes (melissa's idea!) and attached them onto a ribbon.

melissa crocheted this adorable wreath
she also made two delicious cakes!!

maria made everything from whoopie pies to dipped marshmallows to cookies and cupcakes.

i set out coffee (let me tell you how convenient a keurig is for parties!!) and mugs with candy cane sticks..and of course all the holiday creamers;)

rachelle made all of the delicious food!
she literally made a holiday feast..turkey, green bean casserole, potatoes, salad to jello mold and more treats!
not to mention all of the appetizers beforehand!!
kati made these adorable cookies!

and of course laynie had to have her own stocking ;)
rachelle, the cook, and me
melissa, a big mastermind behind this, and me ;)
kati also created a fun christmas game!

you had to match up the kids to the christmas movies.

debran, the guest of honor ;)
looking so merry and bright!:)

all of the people who made this shower happen:)
a big thank you to all of these girls.

hope you enjoyed your stroll down candy cane laynie ;)

(i need to still take a pic of the aaaadorable invitation melissa made!!...i will post it soon!) ;)


kelli said...

Another beautiful party!! I really wish I could spend one afternoon with you and we could just craft! I tried to make the fall wreath you even gave me instructions and it did not turn out a cute as yours.
There is a yummy looking punch what is it?
Kelli S.

Anonymous said...

Everything looks soooo pretty & perfect! What a great job you did. I love the name candy cane Laynie!!

maria said...

fun party like always!! :) and GREAT ideas, well except maybe one.... haha!! ;)

DeBran said...

Again, Thank you SO was the most beautiful shower I've ever been to, let alone had thrown for Laynie and I! The love and work poured into it was so obvious, it was overwhelming. :) xoxo

jennifer said...

what an adorable shower! I wish I had a pregnant mommy to throw one for! Love all the little touches! What is in the beverage container? Is that hot chocolate?.....looks yummy! And I love the cake wrapped up in all candy canes....too cute!

Briana@SweetCGrace said...

Oh, my goodness! So beautiful, as usual! I absolutely love the long table with the mason jars down the center!

Kim @ Party Frosting! said...

LOVE all the candycanes! Great theme! great job!

hugs! Kim @ Party Frosting!