Tuesday, August 9, 2011

back to school kindergarten party!

i just had to feature this adorable party that my friend, kati, put together.  she hosted a back to school kindergarten party for her daughter and her friends who are all starting school this year.  i loved this idea, especially since it's such an exciting time for the kids.  i was just expecting a little playdate..and she went above and beyond to make the kiddos feel special.  there were cute ideas everywhere..so i just had to share them!  i just took the pics on my phone, i didn't have my camera with me, so please forgive the quality. ;)

we pulled up and this was on the garage.  oh my.  does that not sound like the most futuristic date?!  wow..that is crazy to think about!
 how cute is this wreath she had hanging from her door?
 this was in the entrance...

 the kids goody bags (with lots of cute stuff inside) and attached chalkboard cookies. seriously, how cute?  go check out her other cookies at kati's kookies.com

our friend, janet, made the adorable apple cupcakes and crayons...

 can you guess what the crayons in the box are? chocolate covered pretzels!! so cute!

 the placemats

 kati traced all of the kids hands and then proceeded to cut them out for the kids to color.  then she attached a clip and magnet to hang on the fridge!  love it!

 the finished hands. ;)

 she had a waterslide for the kids to play on too.  they had a great time!
 my little ella.  i can hardly believe she is about to start kindergarten!
 little favors for the mommys.  she provided cute napkins and stickers...put a sticker on a napkin and write a cute little note on the napkin to put in their lunch.  love this.  i already knew i would be putting notes in her lunch, but i love it on a napkin and attaching a cute sticker too!
 she also provided a paper and envelope to write a note to your child and give it to them in 2024 when they finish school.  loved this!!  so much, that i came home and wrote the letter right away.  i thought it was the best time right after the party.  and i will tell you, i definitely shed a few tears in the process.
it feels like 5 years seriously flew by!  i can't believe ella is starting school!  so bittersweet.  but, seeing her as excited as she is only reassures me that she is so ready for this next chapter in her life.

thank you so much, kati, for such a great party.  we had so much fun and appreciate you making it so special! xo


Anonymous said...

How adorable!! It is crazy to think c/o 2024 huh?

Love the ideas, the alphaet cookies, the crayons, love it all!

Kati said...

Thanks for "featuring" me!!! :) I had so much fun planning and doing this party! Sofia and I loved making our friends feel so special! :) Good job on the letter!! I still have to do it!!!

Julie said...

This party is ADORABLE! Celebrations.com loves it!

Anonymous said...

I love this idea!!! Thank you for sharing.....I think I am going to throw a party for my little baby girl as well now. It is a very special time for her and me as well:)

Elena said...

So beautiful!

a Happy Life said...

This is a fab post!! Thank you so much for posting & sharing with us. I cannot wait to get the party planned & on the go!!! :-) i will use a lot of these ideas & the letter to the children is a really special one!!

Alexandra Amores said...

Hmmm... if a child is starting Kindergarden this September (and are 5), wouldn't they be the class of 2026?

Anonymous said...

The post is from 2011-yes, kids entering this upcoming school year '13-'14, will be class of '26.

Elena Clifton said...

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