Saturday, February 19, 2011

valentine's table

i had fun creating this valentine's table with ella.  we celebrated valentine's and went to dinner the saturday before and then did a family valentine's dinner the day of.  i decided to do just a little something to make it cute and special.  we made treats that morning and i had bought all of the place settings at target earlier in the month.

i found the biggest marshmallows when i was shopping at target the other day.  and i just thought the options were endless.  it even suggested on the bag to create pops out of them with a pretzel stick!  i knew i wanted to dip them in chocolate, but i thought that was even more perfect for the kids.  i'm sure i will be using that again very soon.
 here's a closer look...  then i made a few other treats.
 just enough for the family ;)  i had to try out my newest stand of course ;)  isn't it cute?

we ate dinner by candlelight that night. it's the simple things that make it feel that much more special.  nothing fancy.
hope everyone had a great valentine's day! ♥


sarah said...

You are such a cute mommy! You inspire me to celebrate every holiday in some way. : )

C@r!ie said...

could you please send some of those treats this way please? thanks.