Friday, December 31, 2010

an impromptu new years eve party

it pretty much happened like this...bobby loves new years..we never really get to do anything because of the he suggested we have a night upstairs for the night for the adults downstairs.  it took a little convincing considering we just got done with christmas..but i'm easily talked into a party. haha. we had a great turn out and had so much fun ringing in the new year with friends!  we literally planned this days before, so not a whole lot of thought was put into it..haha..but here's what i came up with. ;)

this was bobby's hat  ;)
 we picked up two bundt cakes from nothing bundt cakes (red velvet and white chocolate raspberry)

 threw up some cheesy's new years, you're allowed to...right? ;)
 we had no shortage of drinks..they consumed 3 counters haha

 i made some treats :)
 ella insisted we get necklaces

 i picked up so many of these cone hats..i loved them! ;)

 ella's tiara
 so many people brought food...we were eating all night!
 we ordered lots of pizza and breadsticks
 we had 2 salads, meatballs, pulled pork, rolls, bean dip, chips, hot wings and treats among many other things
 yummy desserts

 averie helped keep the kids entertained.  she did a great job..the kids love her!  the kids were also served individual popcorn bags, m&ms, licorice and juice boxes..and whatever else they wanted ;)
 the guys played ping pong and poker

 the girls minus carlie who showed up a little later ;)

 the kids finally settled down after playing and watched a movie.  they all came in their pjs and brought pillows and blankets.  a lot of them fell asleep.

 countin down!

 champagne for all! :)

and we finally played (kinda) a late game of win, lose or draw..with about 5 delirious players. hahaha!

happy new year!!! 

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