Friday, October 8, 2010

melissa's 'little pumpkin' baby shower

we had melissa and layla's shower this past weekend. melissa loves fall..and how perfect that layla is due during this season! we couldn't help but throw a "little pumpkin" theme for her. it was so much fun to plan!

my friend, erica, was so nice to make the invitations. she did such a great job! they were perfect!!  make sure to visit her etsy shop at

the shower was held at my mom's house.  here is the entrance..

gotta love chalk markers!!

my mom did a great job decorating the front!

the sign in/treat table.

sarah ( did melissa's maternity pictures and i ordered a bunch (so many good ones to choose from!) to display around.

the sign in for guests to leave a little note to melissa and layla :)

the favors were white chocolate and chocolate pumpkins made by my friend, maria.  i created the tops for the bags by cutting notecards to size and then cutting and stamping the other paper to glue on.

the pumpkin tree was created by gluing different colored ribbon to little pumpkins/gourds/pine cones.

the plates/napkins were ordered from  they have the cutest selection of paper goods!

the napkins were a combination of some i had bought from homegoods and other vintage ones my mom had never used.

the bowls for the soup...

i picked up all of the fresh flowers from the farmers market that morning and my mom arranged them.  there is nothing like flowers from the farmers market!  love them!!

i knew we had to have pumpkins with baby layla's initials carved into them (thanks mom for doing the carving! haha).

erica made this adorable banner too!  love the way it turned out!!

the diaper cake was topped by none other than layla herself ;)  and of course she was reading a little pumpkin book! ;)

the prizes...i forgot to take a pic of the sister, emily put these together..cups of lipgloss, lotions, nailpolish, etc. and then a baking one with halloween cookie cutouts, mix, etc. all wrapped up in burlap.

of course she is sitting on a pumpkin ;)

i was so excited to find the little pumpkin branches!

layla's nursery is being decorated in a bakery/sweet shoppe these were a necessity ;) to go on a big dessert table ;)

the bouquet of pens!

i love making flower pens, well in this case pumpkin pens too, to have for the guests to write with for games, etc.

i fancied up some mason jars to put pumpkin candles in..

of course she had to have her picture taken with cupcakes and donuts ;)

i bought these harvest cones off of etsy can visit her shop here.

and put an assortment of fall candy in them :)

i love doing clotheslines...

i got most of the outfits and headbands off of etsy.  have i mentioned how much i love etsy? ;)

i hung these jars i picked up at pottery barn from the patio fans.

a variety of yummy apples from rocky mountain chocolate factory

my friend, maria, made an assortment of fall treats..from pecan bits to cranberry scones.  so yummy!

fresh donuts in melissa's honor ;)

maria also made this adorable cake!  she has become quite the cake decorator!

from the sisters, emily and melissa, my mom and me ;)

miss layla ;)

drink table

my handsome little owen was in attendance..he didn't want to miss out on the festivities ;)

the presents were filled in an antique crib my mom had found several years ago.  it was perfect for the occasion.

the haselwood's catered the party.  everything they make is to die for. thanks again, kenny and debran!
assorted bread with pumpkin butter and spread.

my friend, jaime made the delicious buttermilk pecan pie and another pumpkin crunch dessert.

as you can see, dinner was amazing ;)  the best part was the butternut squash soup (that i forgot to take a pic of!)

after dinner was games!
first was a memory game...we brought out this, let everyone look at it for a couple of minutes and took it away.  then they had to write down everything they saw.
next up was the price is right game we called 'up for bid.' we brought out several items..from a nursing cover to desitin and everyone had to write down the prices.  afterwards we revealed the right price.

then there was the infamous guess the baby food game. :)

and emily came up with a spin on the "i never have" game.  everyone had to deposit coins into layla's first pumpkin piggy bank.

then it was onto presents.  layla sure was spoiled with all sort of girly goodness!

there were several of us that hung out into the wee hours of the night.  going back for seconds..enjoying the perfect night and good 'ol chit chat.

we offered coffee and hot chocolate too...

have you ever had hot chocolate with one of these creamers added to it?  sooo good! :)

it was so fun planning this shower with my sister and mom..and i am so thankful for all of the friends who helped contribute their talents to it too!  we really appreciate everyone and everything that helped make this day a special one for melissa and layla! :)
now that we have celebrated, we just need little miss layla mae to make her arrival!


Carrie said...

Being that i LOVE fall, I LOVE LOVE this party! Oh... how I wish I knew someone having a fall baby!

Carrie @

C said...

Jessica this was seriously the cutest baby shower I have ever been to!Every little detail was perfect! You guys did a great job and it was a perfect welcoming party to "shower" little Layla with love! I can't wait to meet her! PS_ I must have hit my big ol' longneck on thos Potterybarn jars about 8345769386 times that night hahaha. I'm such a dork. xoxoxo

amy & lisa said...

Wow!! What an adorable party! Great theme. :) Love love all the ideas, the colors, the's all just simply adorable!

Sarah said...

Ahh... So cute!

Shelley@DivinePartyConcepts said...

Absolutely love it! Wonderful job!

Brittany Schwaigert said...

LOTS of cute details. I am super jealous of the gorgeous pumpkin wreaths for the front door! What a sweet theme!

Anonymous said...

just came over from Melissa's blog. What a lovely shower you did!! I love it!

Kelli said...

What a beautiful party! I always love seeing pictures of your parties...

Rocio said...

Beautiful party and great ideas...
Where can I find a pumpkin piggy bank.
Can you explain the "i never have" game?


Unknown said...

Beautiful decor!
Would have loved to see the autumn baby shower invitations that you sent.