Saturday, July 10, 2010

the invites are out...

and we're counting down to ella's 4th birthday party!  she is SO excited to say the least! :)
melissa created the cute invitations (as always).  

i wanted her party to be simple this year (because i just had a baby and didn't want to stress myself out) so i wanted to do a color theme pink and turquoise.  i told melissa this and to just make some cute invitations.  she told me that all she kept thinking about was this go fish game we had as kids..the cards were pink and there was a blue whale on it.  it sounded so cute!  she created these and i fell in love.  and in love with pink whales haha!  hence, the party took on a whale theme too! ;)  thanks melissa!  

i have so many ideas and so little time to do them all!  either way the party will go on! ;)

stay tuned... :)

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