Tuesday, April 6, 2010

kids easter party

happy easter!! :)  i threw this easter party for my kids and their friends over the weekend.  it's always fun to celebrate easter..and the kids had a great time. :)

here is the kids table...
all the filled eggs that were awaiting their hiding spots for the easter egg hunt ;)

i have been pondering this idea for a little while..i originally thought i would do an arrangement of flowers and vases with a variety of stacked cake stand/cupcake stands...but once i got this 3 tiered stand..i knew it was perfect for my idea. :)  and i loved the way it turned out.
i filled each tier with different colored easter grass..blue, purple and yellow..filled the grass with different size/style vases, decorative eggs and as my kids would call them, "chirpies."  then i topped it off with some ribbon and tulle to match.  the night before i filled the vases with an assortment of flowers.  nice and springy :)  i thought this would be a great idea for any type of theme or event or as a centerpiece.

i found the 3 tiered stand at pottery barn.com
i actually tried buying it back in october, but they sold out.  and they have them again so i had to order it immediately :)  i absolutely LOVE it.  worth every penny! :)

my trusty wire tree ;) was perfect to hang eggs on!

the other table had spring flowers.  i absolutely love easter lilys! :)

i decided i would try making these cake pops from bakerella.
fun and festive and perfect for the kids favors :)

ella made all of these cute little crafts and i threw them in an egg holder for decoration :)

my husband surprised me with these flowers the day before the party :)  they made a perfect centerpiece for the island. :)

some of the drinks and goodies...i had a big punch bowl inside.

my friend, janelle, made all of these adorable cupcakes :) (thanks again, janelle!)
i found the cupcake pedestals at oriental trading.com

lots of goodies to eat :)  several friends brought over some yummy treats.  
thanks everyone! :)
i just ordered a big subway sandwich and then there were all the sides to go along with it...

chocolate cake eggs

the kids made easter bags that were going to be used to collect their eggs in

in the drying stage..it's cute to see how no two bags were even close to alike!
the daddy's hid the eggs..there was supposed to be no peeking ;)
ready...set...find the eggs!!  the kids were soo excited for the egg hunt!

i put a carrot in one of the eggs...and the person who found it got a big chocolate bunny :)  yay calli! :)
later on there was egg dyeing 

i bought an egg spinner and it was a hit with the kids!

and just like last year, ella was the last one at the table. haha.
i hope everyone had a great Easter! :)


Simply Stunning Ideas said...

OMG! This is absolutely adorable!! You really went all out... and all the food looks so yummy! It looks like the kids had a great time, too! Thanks for sharing!!!

Mel said...

Super Cute Party!! I can't remember what road lead me to stumble across your blog but I've been around for a bit. Love it all! I have been wanting to ask a question about your chalkboards..... I use chalkboards for all of my parties but have not had good luck with the chalk markers. Before every party I have to repaint my chalkboards because I can't get all of the chalk marker off........any ideas? Do you have this prob too??? Thanks so much!!

jessica said...

thanks everyone! :)
and mel yes i have the same problem, especially if i leave it on there for a long time. this last time i actually took an sos pad to the chalkboard and lightly scrubbed it off..and then i just cleaned it off with a wet paper towel and then dried it. it got it off! :)

Samantha said...

LOVE your blog! Keep all the posts coming!!

Michelle said...

You did such a great job! I am sure all those little kids and their parents appreciated that. I have no clue how you have the time and energy to do this? I have a 2 yr old and an 11 mon old and barely have time to plan a small party. Also I think you have a beautiful home.

laurie @ bargain hunting said...

This is adorable! love that tired stand! laurie

Anonymous said...

I love your pictures! What kind of camera do you use?

jessica said...

I use a canon rebel..but have a couple of different lenses I use. Its all about the lenses ;) I love my camera and totally recommend it!

Sarah said...

So cute - I love it! I included this in my spring and Easter round-up. Thanks for the inspiration! :)