Wednesday, February 10, 2010

little sweetheart party

my friend, janelle, and i helped our daughters, ella and calli, host a little valentine's party for their friends.  we love valentine's we had to celebrate it!  :)  we sent out an evite and called it 'little sweetheart party.'  it was a lot of fun..everyone had a great time! :)

welcome friends :)

treat table
janelle made these cute jars

pink lemonade and pink punch
the "craft" table
the can see how here

heart ice cubes
festive suckers displayed in little buckets all around
the cookies to decorate...
the yummy pink punch was a hit :)

chocolate dipped strawberries
the cute banner janelle made

mini cupcakes
i found the cute heart balloons on ebay

the ice cubes were made out of 7up

we decided on little make your own pizzas for lunch...and of course we had to have heart-shaped dough ;)
toppings are ready
let the pizza making begin!  the kids had so much fun doing this!

all ready for the oven...i wish i would have gotten a pic of all of the creativity baked on the cookie sheet!  it's hard to remember everything, take pics, and host! haha!  along with the pizzas there was salad too.
after lunch and a little playtime the kids decorated their heart sugar cookies
there were jars full of toppings and lots of sprinkles

ella was very proud of her finished masterpiece ;)
taste testing ;)
a little later we made the paper flowers
each one was so unique..they really turned out cute!  to see how to make these go here.
the helpers, janelle and myself.  
happy valentine's day!! xoxo


Allyson/HBMomof2 said...

So cute as usual! Loved the different things that the kids made and using large doilies as charger/placemats was smart. So stealing that one. Would love it if you could share your punch recipe. I am always on the lookout for something yummy and best of all pink! Beautiful job and it looks like the kids had a lot of fun.

jessica said...

thank you! :) and the punch is so simple and so tasty! all it is is sherbet ice cream and 7up!! it's the biggest hit every time!!

Anonymous said...

So cute! gave me lots of ideas for a baby shower! Thanks