Tuesday, September 1, 2009

yabba dabba doo!

the halloween festivities are in the works!  sarah and i have started discussing ideas and have decided it will be one big party for kids and adults...everyone comes dressed!  it will be everything halloween, from games to goodies and decor!  so, i have been thinking of costumes for quite sometime now...at first i wanted to do an alice in wonderland theme for the family...but then i thought of the flinstones and thought that would be pretty fun and funny! ;)  so it's official..we will be fred, wilma, bam-bam, and pebbles...oh, and dino (yes, even our dog will be dressed..haha).  i can't wait to hear what everyone else has in the works! :)
ella and luke ;)
me and bobby ;)
annabelle ;)

anyone interested in barney and betty rubble? ;) haha!


DeBran said...

Oh my goodness! This is exactly what we have been planning too! haha...kaelyn's red hair was my inspiration for it. Maybe I will keep looking, but if I can't find anything, do you mind a double family? ;o)

PB∧Janelle-e said...

This is sooooo your family! haha this will be funny to see what everyone comes up with! Need any help with anything let me know!!!!

sarah said...

well peace out lol we are coming or should i say going back into the 60s 70s era !!!! even Kelsie will be a little hippie!!! i cant wait to get our costumes all together! it will be fun to see everyone all dressed up ! cant wait

K @ Blog Goggles said...

Haha, love that idea!

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b said...

I love the Flintstones, i think that is one the of the best TV series that i have seen, i hope to see it again.

Sonic the Hedgehog Party Supplies said...

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