Monday, March 21, 2011

luke's buzz lightyear bday party

when i asked luke what kind of birthday party he wanted this year, without hesitation, he said, "buzz light!!!!" (he has always left off the "year" haha) immediately.  so, buzz lightyear it was!  he has been so excited for his birthday party.  it makes it so much more fun to see them light up at every decoration and understand the celebration is for them!  i decided to keep it small this year.  just family and his 3 closest friends (his age) and their families.  i feel like when it's a huge party it becomes overwhelming at this age, and he gets lost in the shuffle.  so, as much as i enjoy celebrating with really comes down to it being about him.  and i was less stressed out, which was nice for a change. ;) it worked out great.  he had so much fun enjoying his day. :)  

drink area

love these kids cups..smaller with lids and straws!  just had them write their name on their cup.  and didn't have to hassle with a million juice boxes everywhere!

i had luke color buzz lightyear and then cut it out of the coloring page and pasted it onto a canvas and added a few stars.  his little artwork for decoration ;)

ella colored one too!

i let luke pick out which jumpy he wanted...and of course he picked the rocket!! ;) perfect!
i put together this frame ;)

space pops! (aka cake balls ;) )

large chocolate dipped marshmallows

prizes for the games
the labels were leftover invitations i had.  all the info was on the back. i actually made them..first time. yay! ;) 
i made these stars on my silhouette :)

i found these stationary sets for favors for the big kids and little tambourines for the babies ;)

i used buzz lightyear's friends (toys) as decorations too

activities for the kids...bubbles, jumpropes, paper pads with crayons and markers

bubble wands

i set up a solar system in the kitchen..with buzz flying through of course ;)

no accuracy whatsoever in the placement of the planets. haha!

we had oscars cater pizza and breadsticks and i made pasta, salad and a fruit salad...all luke's favorites!

luke's bff, brandt.

i think luke was more excited for the pinata than anything else! haha!  or maybe it was his cake! ;)

my friend, maria, made these "moon rocks" out of marshmallow creme and crushed oreos

 and she also made this fabulous cake!!  all luke kept talking about was a buzz light cake.  and he was so excited to see this!

 my friend, kati, made the cookies above. seriously, how cute? huh?
and my friend, debran, made the toppers for these mini cupcakes. adorable.
are these girls talented or what?  they are currently working on a website..and i will post it when it's up and running!

 the kids had fun with bubbles...

 and luke's soon to be uncle even came by on the firetruck to surprise him!  such a treat!  he was a little hesitant of it..but the rest of the kids loved it! haha!

 potato sack races!

happy birthday my lukey light!!  i love you!! xo


DeBran said...

So fun!! :) Fabulous party! And thank goodness for no "big one." ; )

Sarah said...

Love your parties! great job!

Unknown said...

Another great party! p.s. I sent you an email, let me know if you are interested!

hugs! Kim @ Party Frosting!

Kelli said...

Love this party just like I love all your other parties! I love all the little touches....stuff around for the kids to play with and all of the little yummy treats that you make. I am having a Strawberry Shortcake party for my little girl in July she will be 4 and would love some fun and cute ideas from you if you are interested.

Kati said...

Oh my sweet friend! Thanks for linking to my cookie blog!!! xoxoxo :) FABULOUS PARTY, of course! :)

Amy Snow Photography said...

Jessica! I had no idea that you had two blogs! So glad I finally found it. I can't wait to show this blog to my friends. They'll love it. You do beautiful party planning : )

♥ Jess said...

Love your party!! So many great ideas! :)