Wednesday, May 27, 2020

happy Memorial Day!

We decided very last minute to throw together a Memorial Day bbq to celebrate and hang out with family and friends.
We went a little untraditional with Mexican food, potluck style! haha! But it was so good. We fixed some hot dogs for appetizers.;)
Everyone had fun swimming and chatting around the pool. We finished off the night with a movie and popcorn bar.:)

annual halloween party.

our annual halloween party. 
something we look forward to each year, brainstorming and planning months in advance, prepping and watching the vision come to life. then celebrating one of my favorite holidays with family and friends is just the icing on the top.
this year we had so much fun. loved every bit of it.

I ran around real quick a couple hours before the party started just to take some quick pics of everything during the day. it always looks so different in the day than it does the night (which are always just phone pics from everyone). night is way better haha. buuuuut, the pics just don't turn out to show everything. so, I thought I would just include some of the behind the scenes, getting set up pics to actually see some of it.