Monday, July 13, 2009

lollipop topiary

i thought i would share one of the projects i just finished up for ella's party's a lollipop topiary! :)  i love that it's all candy, and bright colors!  ella's eyes light up everytime she looks at it! :)

i started with these zip-a-dee mini pops i bought from candy warehouse...

and a two-tier topiary i bought from crafts, etc.
it makes things so much easier to cut the sticks in half little helper
i stuck them in both of the balls and then the bottom part too
 ella is demonstrating
it took exactly two bags of the lollis...
it is relatively simple to make...just time consuming
i stuck it in a pink pot and wrapped it in tulle...and tied it in a knot.

it's hard to tell, but i wrapped it in pink and white tulle.
whimsical. *check*  cheery. *check* childhood memories. *check* candyland. *check* colorful.*check* ella loves it (biggest priority) *check*


  1. How cute! You are so creative. Love the pinwheels too.

  2. i love them ! i cant wait to see everything all together at one time!

  3. Ok! That is the first time I've ever seen one of those--I love it!

  4. Thanks for sharing all these great ideas. My son has asked for a Candy Land party and you've made my work a lot easier. Thanks.

  5. It's interesting to see just how permeant memory has become in our every day lives. It's like everytime I turn my head, I see something with a card slot or USB port, lol. I guess it makes sense though, considering how cheap memory has become as of late...

    Gahhhhh... I shouldn't be complaining. I can't get through a day without my R4 / R4i!

    (Submitted by R4Net for R4i Nintendo DS.)

  6. I think this is awsome - would be great at a willy wonka party - check out my page - - I am linking your lollypop topiary - it is WAY COOL !

  7. did you buy the topiary already put together like that? with the 2 balls and rod ? then you just had to buy a pot? please tell me! :)

  8. So cute! Just ordered my supplies for to make 2 for upcoming fundraiser events. THanks for the idea!

  9. So much fun , great for kids b-day party .